Hello and welcome to GrizzlySoft

webdesign, IT-Consulting, concept and development of specialized databases

Who or what is GrizzlySoft?

GrizzlySoft ist a young, growing business in Bonn founded by Dipl.-Bioinf. (FH) Christian von Behren offering mostly Research and Development based customers a variety of products and IT-services based on Open Source Software which shall help you to focus on your studies. No matter if authorities, research centers, universities, clinics or the industry - if there is something what is special to them all, it is time which is money and sometimes not even their own. GrizzlySoft wants to help you to save time, to increase efficiency at work and wants to help your documentation and analysis IT systems to be more appropriate.

What are we here for?

Within research projects the quantity and complexity of data increases. Dealing with these data the conventional way gets harder, which more often becomes a problem in the final stage of a project. Using shared drives for data storage is often a problem, as they offer few and less flexible search options and their content cannot be analysed automatically.
Standard products are hardly tailored to your needs and rarely help to enhance productivity.

Protect yourself against the risk of losing control and be prepared - GrizzlySoft provides professional assistance in the implementation of your goals!
Faster data access, effective search- and analysis tools save time and money.Client-server systems with databases and web based frontends simplify cooperation, enable parallel processes, improve the predictability of projects and readjust your data.

Our Vision

Imagine you had access to the current project status from anywhere, read laboratory journals, watch cell cultures or monitor test results just in time to interpret. Imagine you no longer have to convene meetings to inform your colleagues and partners on the status, nor to brief your employees. Imagine you could produce statutory documentation at the push of a button.
Do we have your attention? - Tell us about your personal problem!

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