What makes GrizzlySoft so special

To start with, be aware of the main difference - you are not offered ready-made standard software but particularly designed solutions. - You get the same anywhere else? Are you sure? Do large software companies offer you the key to implement adjustments on your own if they turn out to be necessary due to changes in the project itself? Would you be able to start work on extensions quickly and without adaptation training based on the documentation (if at hand)? Would you not agree that large software companies tend to protect their bulk products to make you and other customers depend on them and their pricing policy?

GrizzlySoft is different. Our customer relation is based on mutual confidence with contented customers who are free to decide.

Bet on Open Source Products and free standards

  • Linux for your server:
    whether Suse, Debian oder Ubuntu Linux, GrizzlySoft aims at choosing tools for your system which are maintained automatically by the community without your own effort.
  • The Apache2 Webserver:
    The linking element between you, your partners and the data. Whether virtual server, with or without subdomains, with or without access control, with or without SSL encryption - this web server is the pivot of your network. That is why you will always be given a design for a vitual host for your product. GrizzlySoft also offers in-house installation support on demand.
  • The database mangement system (DBMS):
    You have the choice - MySQL® or better PostgreSQL? Different people have different preferences, but both systems are free to use and enable you to develop relational databases.
    With an adjusted logical data model you can almost force the correct processing of projects. Why should your knowledge on data controlling been set as a quality management within a web based user interface if you could place it in the database as relational rules? This way you are already prepared for later import systems independant from the web interface.
  • The scripting language for your web interface:
    For the time being, GrizzlySoft is making use of Perl, Ruby and PHP for dynamic webpages. Why should you upgrade an existing linux server with new packages, if GrizzlySoft leaves you free to decide? - This does not only save system resources but also maintenance personnel.
    It goes without saying that you will be given a documentation for all scripts.
  • free modules taken from the open source world
    Why should you pay for developing functions that already exist?
    If available, GrizzlySoft links free scripting packets to the particular scripting language in order not to deprive you of security patches by free developers.
    The only precondition to make use of these free update patches is your agreement to the licence terms (e.g. LGPL/ BSD / MIT)
  • The web interface:
    Decide for yourself which stardard you prefer: XHTML or HTML, with or without frames, with or without JavaScript or special browser related gimmicks such as search engines for Firefox®.

maintainability and extensibility through transparecy

  • you receive more than the tested program - you are handed out all the employed scripts in source code and their documentation.
  • GrizzlySoft grants you the flexibility you need to react quickly to changes by giving you the chance to implement adjustments or extensions yourself, or have them implemented by GrizzlySoft or other software developers.

Your advantages in a nutshell

  • with GrizzlySoft you are the boss. You do not have to adjust your process flow to software requirements. GrizzlySoft adjusts to you.
  • make use of relational database to be able to work parallelly and more efficiently.
  • enjoy the advantages of application-oriented, independent and low-maintenance systems.
  • stay independent and do not get bound to an unflexible company. Choose our solutions and decide freely on the duration of cooperation.

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