What GrizzlySoft offers

First, you can take a look at some sample projects from GrizzlySoft. Details on these and other projects around our range of power, see references.

  • end customer: Gymnasium Thomaeum Kempen
    School's website from gymnasium Thomaeum in Kempen. Custom Content Management System to maintain categorized calendars appointments and its news-feed. Furthermore tools to apply, proof and publish foreign pupils (Alumni). Intelligent publishing of PDF documents.
  • end customer: Anke Egger-Büssing
    Microsite introducing laywer, mediator and coach Anke Egger-Büssing, presentation of her special fields and services, contact information and directions
  • end customer: Mindful Leadership Ltd.
    Multilingual Website, presentation of Mindful Leadership, description of available courses / programs, Mindful Retreats, News and a contact form, furthermore a Custom CMS (Backend) for programs and Teaser-Slideshow Maintenance
  • end customer: mbstores
    Micro Web-Shop with Paypal Payments consisting of these pages: presentation of the brand Elements-Moringa, products (list), product-details and familiar articles, B2B form, media and contact. Furthermore a Custom-CMS (Backend) for product maintenance.
  • end customer: Allianz Deutschland AG
    Once again (3rd development in a row) GrizzlySoft created the Web-Xmas greetings card 2013 with Javascript / jQuery based animations, Sounds and background-music via HTML5 or Flash as fallback to fullfill the technical requirements of any plattform, browser and (mobile) device.
  • end customer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Privatbesitz AG
    Presentation of the company, projects, social affairs, contact form; User-Backend for Franchise Partners (Login, Downloads) Special Features: Liquid / Responsive Design, animated Teaser-Show, random customer reviews
  • end customer: Phytowelt Green Technologies GmbH
    Multilangual presentation of the company, it's service range, technology descriptions, news feed, current job offers, press articles (e.g. publications), a contact form and map/directions. Furthermore this site includes an online-shop and a custom content management system.
  • end customer: Kanzlei Silvia Schöttner
    Microsite introducing laywer and mediator Silvia Schöttner, presentation of her special fields, contact information and directions
  • end customer: Initiativkreis Substitutionstherapie
    Campaign website devided in public and login-secured areas (due to German HGW laws using DocCheck) and to create a platform / an inner circle of medical experts. Presentation of the campaign's goals, partners and useful facts concerning replacement therapy and corresponding doctors.
  • end customer: Tabos.org
    Design and development of the website presenting facts for the open source project Roger Router, news, team, features, screenshots, downloads, b2b support backend and custom CMS (admin backend)
  • end customer: Allianz Deutschland AG
    Yet another Web-Xmas greetings card with Javascript / jQuery based animations, Sounds and background-music via HTML5 or Flash as fallback to fullfill the technical requirements of almost every plattform, browser age and (mobile) devices.
  • end customer: Nicole Hannay
    Micro-site for the shop, presentation of products, press articles and a contact form. In addition, a custom CMS is included to manage current products and to maintain press references.
  • end customer: Nicole Hannay
    Teaser-Show concerning benefits, About the stylist (CV), a gallery for six categories, text examples concerning foreign projects as writer, customers and partners, a contact form and a CMS to maintain gallery pictures as well as partners / customers
  • end customer: Jörg Jungemann-Bartels
    Presentation of the company, its service spectrum, projects, customer reviews, partners and a contact form. Custom content management system for the maintenance of projects and partners and publishing control of customer reviews.
  • end customer: LINK4SOLUTION
    Development of Facebook Page-Layout, usage of free SSL Proxy Server; abstraction of two dynamic pages from the website (News-Feed, course list) to provide facebook apps managed by the website's CMS. No costs (for SSL-certificate), no separate maintenance!
  • end customer: Stefanel-Mototours
    Presentation of motorcycle tours, tour descriptions, training tours (road or offroad), rent motorcycles and rooms (Motel), online booking, photos and videos, news, etc - including custom CMS
  • end customer: Allianz Deutschland AG
    Web-Xmas greetings, Javascript / jQuery based animations, Sounds and background-music via HTML5 or Flash to fullfill the technical requirements of almost every plattform and (mobile) devices.
  • end customer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parodontologie e.V.
    Development of a login-secured online-survey (within society), including database, statistics backend for usage by leading committee to retrieve overall, question-based or complex results, export tools (Excel), optional participation in internal prize draw
  • end customer: Sprachtherapie & Logopädie Anja Bartels
    Presentation of the office's range of services, its team, clinical methods, news / RSS feed, F.A.Q., contact form, schedule appointments online, CMS
  • end customer: Allianz Deutschland AG
    Game-Developments for the Facebook fan-page of Allianz-Career based on Allianz-JobChecker.
  • end customer: Allianz Deutschland AG
    Online games, teaser of the career portal of Allianz Deutschland AG; Games development: memory, puzzle games, psychological test, for PCs and touch screen devices
  • end customer: LINK4SOLUTION
    Presentation of the company, a news / RSS feed, paid video platform for private / corporate users interested in software training (Shop System).
    Customer backend / profile management with management tools for acquiring licenses and managing employee accounts, course progress, download training materials, etc.
    Content Management System for training videos, their categorization, user accounts, reference customers, customer reviews and for the RSS-Feed.
  • end customer: die-brillenleuchte
    Presentation of the startup company, product teaser, online-store / ordering form, contact form
  • end customer: IBL Ingenieurbüro Luéger
    Presentation of the company, services, service concerned project-teasers, projects (complete list or according to set filter), job offers and news;
    Furthermore a contact form and a CMS with a corresponging database for news, job offers, projects and crosslinked services.
  • end customer: ProLife Berlin
    Commercial website, Microsite, Product-Teaser, Web-Shop, W3C Optimisations, SEO
  • end customer: mw floh-markt e.K.
    Full-featured online auction house in the Customer-to-customer area. The platform includes a front end (Searches / Offers), user-backend (community features, settings) and a comprehensive admin backend with CMS and database management for news, newsletters, categories, article groups, brands, search-filters, special offers, user-accounts, payments, credit vouchers etc
  • end customer: DANONE Holding AG
    Substantive review of the websites of Danone Germany, modifying the page tree and the navigation of the website as well as adapting and expanding existing slide shows and background images (Teaser).
  • end customer: Jan Jansen
    Presentation of professional photographies of sexy 70s sportswear. The webshop includes a member area, an external payment system and an CMS managing its database for models, shootings, pictures, styles, registered users and payments. This website truly presents 70s erotic fashion without explicit adult material.
  • end customer: Nexigen GmbH
    presentation of the company, technologies, partners, customers and news; contact form CMS and database system for news and partners
  • end customer: MIT GmbH
    presentation of the company, personal consultation, advanced training courses and contact information
    CMS and database for courses and partners
  • end customer: Hair Cut - Ellen Hufschlag-Nellner
    presentation of hairdresser's shop, team, photo gallery, specials, prices, partner, news & events RSS-Newsfeed, CMS and database for gallery and news
  • end customer: Axel Springer Auto Verlag GmbH (Autobild)
    services weather charts / frost prediction sponsored by Dunlop
  • end customer: Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH
    Microsite Dunlop Winter Special Product-marketing, services weather charts / frost prediction
  • end customer: TMG Maschinenbau GmbH
    website for project and customer presentation using a rel. database, CMS for projects projectdata and customers
  • end customer: Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH
    web application for marketing research for usage during customer surveys in call centers, rel. database, data preparation analysis and export
  • end customer: piCta visuelle kommunikation GmbH
    projects presentation, relational database, CMS for projects' categories, customers and project data
  • end customer: Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH
    multilingual product presentation, multilingual review forum including relational database and CMS
  • end customer: Albert Schweizer Kinderdorf Hessen e.V.
    advanced training courses (program) flat file database: instructors, -schedules, -venues; registration and booking
  • end customer: Gymnasium Thomaeum Kempen
    School's website from gymnasium Thomaeum in Kempen. Custom Content Management System to maintain categorized calendars appointments and its news-feed. Furthermore tools to apply, proof and publish foreign pupils (Alumni). Intelligent publishing of PDF documents.


Whether as a graphical front end for a database system or stand alone as a web presence,
GrizzlySoft offers you webdesigns out of own layouts or by pixel accurate realisations of graphical drafts.
We would love to give you advice in choosing techniques and standards - fitting to your internal requirements or to your target audience.
Safety requirements and the complexity of access rights already result from a chosen target group of users - operating usage vs cooperation platform between external partners...
All concepts meet with your guidelines, whether concerning a content management system (CMS) or webpages with particular specifications according to browser or accessibility requirements.
In the end it depends on your decision if a product should be straight forward, ressource-friendly and purely functional or if you like a complex Web 2.0 application with Ajax, Javascript and an excessively shining design.


Database systems

We offer you customised databases and web frontends for administrative purposes, to preserve documentational duties, as an exchange platform or as functional data storage supporting your researches.
We identify with your project conception, we help you to analyse problems and consult you in finding solutions. In selecting, arranging or parameterisation of data it is important to notice, how these data appear, on which circumstances and events they depend, how you may use them and finally which conclusions they offer you to draw.
A concept for a relational database model is responsible for both the quality of the data and the extensibility of functions.
Concerning databases it is often more adequate to be forward-looking right from the beginning than to lower one's sights - instead: simplify the web application in the first place as it is much easier to extend.
This approach saves expensive rearrangement of existing datasets in order to include new functions.


IT-Consulting & Support

GrizzlySoft means strong software including professional consulting. With GrizzlySoft you are not forced to buy software off-the-shelf - you buy only custom-made products instead. We really provide a service - including searching for solutions off the beaten track as well as trying to make adaptations and changes for your personal needs as easily as possible.
It goes without saying that GrizzlySoft will be there for you after buying our products. Feel free to ask us about in-house training or presentations, additional user help or service contracts for periodical maintenance.


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