Server & Webhosting

  • Server
    We assist you in finding appropriate solutions, whether you prefer your own or leased hardware (maintained-, dedicated- or Root-Servers, etc.)
  • Hardware - Keyword: Green IT
    We would also like to help in the search and selection of inexpensive and efficient components for your servers and workstations in accordance to analysed needs
  • Web hosting and Domains
    Search for cheap hosting, comparison of benefits to suit your requirements (purpose, needed web space, approx. traffic, required technologies, etc.)
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  • Selection-Assistance concerning a system and Open Source Products
    Linux Distributions, Programming-languages, -libraries and suitable Frameworks
  • Database server
  • Webserver
  • Mailserver
  • Web-Technologies and Standards
    and much more...

Security, Maintenance and Services

  • Backup solutions
    Erstellung von Datenbankbackups
  • Quality Management
    Form examination - especially validation of inputs (e.g. Email addresses), word blacklisting, etc.
  • privacy
    Data Encryption, limited data access
  • hacker attacks (prevention and persecution)
    Cross-Site-Scripting, SQL Injection, Input validations, visual or audio-Captchas, IP-Storage, automatic deactivation of login / user accounts, Logs and reports


  • Corporate Identity
    Logos, colors, layouts, techniques and presentations - We analyse your clientele and help you choosing an adequate presentation style for your company: classic, conservative or stylish and modern
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Marketing
    We would be glad to scan previous actions and assist you calling more attention to your commercial website. Furthermore we can register you in popular commercial directories and web cataloges.

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