application range and examples

  • commercial website
  • microsites / Teaser for product presentation (marketing)
  • Online stores
  • Intra- oder Extranet solutions

optional services and additional modules

  • multilanguage web contents
  • forms for any purpose
    to get in touch (via E-Mail using plain text or HTML), for feedback or comments of any kind
  • security and quality management
    Cross-Site-Scripting, SQL Injection, form validation, visual or audio-captchas
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    customised, user friendly developments (for news articles oder projects) or based on common editorial systems like Typo3
  • Newsletter systems
    If requested, with modules for creating and managing Newsletter-Templates (Layouts) and contents of course
  • Documents management
    Upload and publication of documents, access management, and in case of a photo gallery optionally with a web based image editing frontend (resize images / cut image-sections)
  • web-based marketing surveys
    form submission and data analysis of (customer-) surveys - this may also inculde a full automated graphical preparation of results
  • exchange platforms
    for internal purpose (Intranet) or for cooperations (Extranet):
    e.g. wikis, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Outsourcing / publishing of individual business areas on the internet
    concerning customer support or accounting systems
  • full-fledged CRM- or ERP-Systems
  • web analysis and tracking tools
    well measured in-house developments or less individualized but freely available systems, like Google Analytics, Woopra or Piwik
  • Hosting
    Gladly we take over the search for suitable and affordable web hosting providers and providers of managed, dedicated or root servers. We also offer you support in the subsequent configuration of your web and mail server, of course.
  • Domain Trade and Domain Tranfers
    Upon request, we also order the purchase or relocation of your (desired) domains
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    Optimizing the tree structure of your website, cross-links, URLs, page titles, headings, or the meta information such as descriptions and keywords. We can also register your company or your website at well-known free web-cataloges, search engines or paid listings sellers

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