functionalities of ChemIS (v. 1.0)

  • bilingual front end (German and English)
  • Managing rights (separation of administrative users, workgroup members, -heads and standard users
  • Search for and view master data (via name, trivial names or CAS numbers) concerning hazardous goods (chemicals and preparations) according to GefStoffV
  • Compliance and mapping of concentration based shades of master data
  • Download of material safety data sheets as German- or if available English PDF document according to (used) hazardous goods
  • login secured data curation of own container sheets
  • sustainability by mapping last changes with username and timestamp
  • Open Search for containers (to enhance cooperations between workgroups)
  • login-secured stock lists of containers of a single substance
  • login-secured execution and logging of mandatory annual inventories of hazardous goods
  • tools for compliance issues concerning mandatory formalities within GefStoffV usable by both the health and safety department and the workgroups
  • execution and logging of all workgroups' substitute searches
  • methods ensuring data quality within the relational database model and/or within the user interface (e.g. checksum validation of CAS numbers)
  • DB-queries determining risk potentials through stock lists in order to support route cards
  • DB-queries to search for classifications of hazardous goods according to GGVSE
    (UN-number, hazardous class and packaging class)
  • administrative data curation of users, workgroups, chemicals, preparations, their classifications and other support tables
  • control system of executed substitute searches for each workgroup and substance before container creation is granted
  • bilingual news board
  • implemented mailing system for dynamically created text/html E-Mails for giving hints or user admonishments in the user's preferred language
  • implemented user forum to view or create requests towards the administration
  • dynamically created statistics concerning the complete data stock
  • form-supported creation of variable SQL queries for database analysis

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