Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar)

Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar) - Home Home
Right from the start ChemIS scores with usability by offering a user manual and a sitemap.

Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar) - the substance library the substance library
By searching for substances via IUPAC, trivial names or its CAS-number you get a list of detailed master data including information on concentration based separations derived from material safety data sheets.

Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar) - storing containers storing containers
All relevant container data can be stored. The system ensures that security information from material safety data sheets will only be referred from containers belonging to the adequate concentration level.

Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar) - hazardous substances market hazardous substances market
ChemIS offers a marketplace to enhance cooperations between workgroups concerning the exchange of their substances. Simply search for a substance in the library, define some parameters for needed containers and ChemIS will search for possible containers belonging to your colleages presenting their owner.

Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar) - Info-Material Info-Material
ChemIS may include a small encyclopaedia concerning all information found in material safety data sheets. Beside R- and S-Sentences you may in fact define your own disposal instructions and make them all available at one place.

Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar) - Special Queries Special Queries
In this area you may use several predefined and variable database queries, to allow specific analysis on the stored data without the need of technical specialists working on console. This may be in fact the main benefit of this system, because it results in open usability.

Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar) - The administration area The administration area
If you are granted access to the administration area you may take control of database maintenance.
Furthermore this area offers several tools simplifying usual duties of a safety department. Please keep in mind that all master data including chemicals' definitions are maintained only here and therefor only by qualified personnel.

Screenshots from ChemIS (v. 1.0_caesar) - Master data Master data
Based on stored entries in support tables like R-Sentences, S-Sentences, storage conditions, disposals and other more you can define several master datasets for each chemical. Each of these datasets is equivalent to one concentration based material safety data sheet according to the German Gefahrstoffverordnung.

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